Committee decisions

4H of Abu Dhabi Race 3 and Race 4 - Asian Le Mans Series 2020-2021
Feb 18-20 2021
Yas Marina Circuit

Committee decisions  
Asian_2021_D0000_All_Committee rules_27012021 Mon-16:25 Open
Asian_2021_D0001_All_Drivers categorisation_27012021 Mon-16:25 Open
Asian_2021_D0002_All_Qualifying DUBA_27012021 Mon-16:26 Open
Asian_2021_D0003_GT3_BOP DUBA Mon-16:26 Open
Asian_2021_D0004_LMP2_LMP2 Am_LMP3_GT3_Fuel rig restrictor_27012021 Mon-16:26 Open
Asian_2021_D0005_All_ Onboard cameras_02022021 Mon-16:26 Open
Asian_2021_D0006_All_ Scrutineering under covid protocole_03022021 Mon-16:27 Open
Asian_2021_D0007_GT3_BOP DUB2 Sat-20:42 Open
Asian_2021_D0008_All_ Modification of the calendar 2021_15022021 Wed-13:02 Open
Asian_2021_D0009_GT3_BOP ABUD_17022021 Wed-21:21 Open